Fees & Funding


There are several different options for programs:

  • Our Full Time Academic Year program runs 9:00 – 5:00, Monday – Friday, September to the end of June
  • Our Part-time Program also runs 9:00 – 5:00, Monday – Friday, September to the end of June
  • Please note that all of our students participate in our Real Economy program which covers all of their lunches, transportation fees, excursion and admission fees, gym membership, and discretionary spending money. Fees for this part of the program are billed monthly to student’s accounts.


Can I Get Funding for these Services?

Our Launch Adult Programs meet criteria for both RESP funding and the Developmental Services Ontario PASSPORT Program. “Passport is a program that helps adults with a developmental disability be involved in their communities and live as independently as possible by providing funding for community participation services and supports, activities of daily living and person-directed planning. The program, also provides funding for caregiver respite services and supports for primary caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability.”

Who is eligible for Passport Funding?

Any adult who is eligible for developmental services and supports funded by the Ministry of Community & Social Services, including young adults who are 18 years of age and still in school may apply for funding.

Passport Admissible Expenses

  • Programs, classes, camps and supports that foster and develop independence, social, communication and life skills.
  • Recreation, leisure, social, cultural and athletic activities
  • Pre-employment and employment supports (skills, task and routine training, job coaching)
  • Transportation to/from activities
  • Support workers to provide assistance with community participation and activities of daily living

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