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Our fabulous Brighton Launch Creations is an on-site Social Enterprise program designed to teach our students production and business skills.

Creating, producing, packaging and selling our handmade spa products in our ‘BLC Centre’  gives our students real-life experience with teamwork, project and time management, problem-solving, quotas & quality control, inventory management, customer service and order fulfilment.

It’s another way we prepare our students for independent  living & the world of work. Students love making these wonderful spa products using natural and organic ingredients. Customers say “Wow! The Spa gift arrangements are so professional. Can’t wait to give them to friends. I think I might keep one for myself!” and “They feel great, smell fantastic and are so relaxing.

And shipping is FREE!


Click on the pictures below to start shopping and meet our students!


Watch for our fabulous selection of seasonal gifts including Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Teacher gifts. We are happy to create custom packages for weddings or corporate events. Email: contactus@brightonlaunch.ca


Meet our Student Production Team

When you purchase a product from our online BLC store, you will receive a card with the student’s name who packaged your item. Come back here and learn a little bit about them.  Scroll down to meet the students who made and packed your order.

Meet Jason. Jason feels like a professional chef, so it`s no surprise he loves cooking at Launch. His #1 “to fall down and faint for” Launch Lunch is Spaghetti and Meatballs. Jason`s favourite BLC product to make is Lip Balms. Introducing Lynsey. Her favourite part of Launch is going to Work Placement at Party City. Lynsey is very focused when working in BLC, where her favourite product to make are soaps. She loves her dog, Jazzy.
This is Ella. She loves her three dogs named Milly, Enzo and Dottie. Her favourite food to make at Launch is pasta. She loves her Work Placement at Whole Foods because she enjoys working as a team. Her favourite BLC product to make is Bath Bombs. Meet Kevin. His favourite thing to make in BLC is Body Butter, because he gets to use the mixer to whip it. Kevin’s favourite food is mashed potatoes.He loves going to the Big Apple store in Prince Edward County.
Meet Glen. He is 21 and speaks 3 languages. Glen loves hanging out with his family. At Launch, he likes cooking with his class, doing housekeeping and working in BLC where his favourite thing to make is Body Scrubs.   Meet Jessica. She enjoys Canada’s Wonderland and skiing. Her favourite things at Launch are Work Experience at Value Village and BLC, because “It’s awesome and I’m good at it.” Jessica loves making Bath Bombs.
 This is Daniel. He is 24 years old and has 2 dogs named Bowie and Stevie. Daniel loves working in Brighton Launch Creations. His favourite things to make are the new line of Bath Salts and the expanded line of Body Scrubs including Tie Die Patchouli and Margarita.   Introducing Kashmira. She has jump
ed into life at Brighton Launch and loves making BLC soaps. Kashmira’s favourite meal at Launch is the Chicken Stir Fry. When she is not at Launch she helps “Mummy with volunteer work”. 
 Presenting Luke! Luke is 20. He has a cat at home named Maxie. Luke’s a favourite BLC products to make are Body Butter and Body Scrubs. Luke is a great sales person when we take BLC on the road for Pop Up or craft sales.  This is Spencer. His favourite thing to make in BLC is soap. He loves the food at Brighton Launch. The Quesadillas and make your own pizzas are his favourites. Spencer has an active social life including going on numerous trips

This is Paige. Paige’s favourite thing to do in BLC is work as a team with Lynsey & make just about anything. She loves cooking pasta and baking with her Group. When she is not at Launch, she enjoys “Chillaxing with my sister and skiing.”
Introducing David. Students do weekly budgeting, paying weekly expenses & saving for outings or gifts. It’s David’s favourite thing to do. He loves eating dinner with his family and making Bath Bombs in BLC.
Meet Jeff. He is one of our most prolific idea generators for BLC. It is his favourite part of the Launch program. He especially enjoys making the Bath Salts. When not at Launch, Jeff loves traveling with his family and making movies. This is Craig. He likes building & making repairs as part of Home Management at Launch. He has a dog he calls Jordy. Craig loves doing Toronto based activities with his family. He likes making the BLC soaps.
Presenting… Jordan! Jordan loves having conversations with his friends about movies and oldies music. His favourite thing to do with his family is going on trips, especially Niagara Falls. Jordan enjoys making Bath Bombs in BLC. He is the student that named our Soapsicles. This is Jonathon. He is one of the hardest working students in BLC where he especially enjoys making different types of soap.Jonathon (or Jonny) loves the cooking & baking parts of Launch`s curriculum. His favourite item to cook is spaghetti. 
Introducing Julian. His favourite things to do at Launch are BLC, Work Experience and cooking on Wednesdays. He likes to make Honey Coconut soap in BLC. His favourite meal at home is Egg Roll Bowl, because it’s gluten free. 
Here is Eric. He has been attending Brighton Launch for 4 years. When he is not here at Launch, he likes to do yoga and choir
. Eric enjoys putting our gift bags together in BLC. 
We would like you to meet Peter. When he is not at Launch, Peter enjoys riding in elevators and watching cars. He also likes Greek dancing, Cold Play and playing the piano.